Flexiform Microwave & Millimeter wave cable assembly

Flexiform Microwave & Millimeter wave cable assembly
The Flexiform microwave cable assembly from Scelectron provides a reformable alternative to the traditional semi-rigid (copper tube) coaxial cables for high frequencies. Able to operate up to 18 GHz as standard, Flexiform is ideal for microwave applications and has the ability to be stripped and formed into position without the need for any specialist tools. Handling is similar to any standard coaxial cable which means that traditional cut and strip machines can be used.

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General class 
The general class Flexiform cable assembly is available in 0.047’’, 0.085’’, and 0.141’’. The smaller sizes use Silver Plated Copper Covered Steel (SCCS) for their conductors in order to provide a stronger central core, but are available in Silver Plated Copper, non-magnetic (NM) options as this is of benefit in applications where passive intermodulation is an issue as well as improving the flexibility. 

Mesurement class 
The mesurement class Flexiform Cable assemblies offer excellent electrical properties, including Low Loss, Phase-stable, great screening effectiveness. 
The cables come standard with silver plated copper wire in inner conductor, microporous PTFE  or core PTFE in dielectrics, silver copper tape and silver plated copper wire double shield in outer conductor. 
Connector options include SMA, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, SMP and many others, for microwave application up to 18GHz, even 40GHz or more high.